Are Formica Countertops Right for You?

While many designers look down on using formica countertops as a lower selection in home decor, the truth us that formica is a great option as well as for many factors. Maybe the most crucial one is that with formica, one could obtain the look of all the high end countertop selections yet a significantly reduced cost.

So exactly what is it regarding formica countertops that makes them so interesting residents all across the nation? Well, in a time were budgets are called for to extend further compared to ever before, lots of homeowner are opting for countertops that look great yet without getting half the building/remodeling spending plan. Formica provides simply that.

Relying on where one lives as well as the style of formica one picks, formica will vary from as low as $14 to $27 per square foot. So, for a kitchen compared to would certainly cost $5,000 to do with marble countertops, utilizing a marble formed formica, you can obtain the same search for around $850, leaving you quite a bit of money to put into furnishings or appliances.

Not just is formica budget-friendly, however it additionally is available in a lengthy checklist of shades as well as patterns. Do you want to the appearance of butcher block? Not a problem, you could discover formica that simulates it precisely. Are you crazy about providing the illusion of black granite? You can have it. From the standard shades to the fancy, as well as the typical polychromatic planning to wood grains or all-natural stone, there are formica countertop options to fulfill your desires.


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