Butcher Block Counter Tops For The Kitchen

When faced with brand-new competition, Butcher block countertops stay popular for many factors. All-natural timber is timeless, equally as charming as the much more usual granite or all-natural stone surfaces and, in most cases, more cost effective. If you properly keep your butcher block kitchen counter tops, they will certainly remain lovely and also durable.

There are numerous reasons that individuals looking to replace their existing counter tops select butcher block. For one point, they are generally more economical compared to granite or various other prominent products that are generally utilized in kitchen remodels today. They are also really flexible, terrific for kitchen islands, plus you could select from many different sorts of timber to compliment your closets and floorings. You could also have them finished however you like. If you have a more modern feeling to your kitchen, you could have tidy, sharp sides and an extremely refined surface. If you have a more rustic design, kitchen butcher block counter tops can conveniently help add that distressed, older look too.

All-natural wood needs a various sort of treatment as well as maintenance compared to various other types of countertop surface materials. This is not always more difficult, as well as if you look after them effectively you will enjoy many years of use from them. There are methods to safeguard them with a sealer that can decrease the regularity of maintenance. As soon as a month you should apply a generous quantity of mineral oil to your countertop surface. Enable it to sit for concerning a hr then wipe it off with a light cleaning agent.

Just utilize a mild detergent when cleaning these counter tops, given that rough chemicals will certainly ruin it. Due to the material that they are made of, butcher block holds smells quicker compared to other materials. It is very easy to get rid of these odors, simply soak the area with lemon juice for 15 minutes. It is essential to be cautious with your counters. Do not established warm frying pans on it, as it will swelter. Take good treatment of your wood counter tops and they will last you for years.


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