Countertop Trends Of Today

Updating a kitchen or bathroom can be as basic as changing the counter top or doing a full remodel. That being said, there are a selection of kitchen counter materials readily available that can fit almost any type of budget as well as area. Regardless of what kind of kitchen counter you are seeking, you should understand that solid-surface countertops are in high demand right now. Granite is no more the ‘go-to’ counter top pattern as various other counter top surface areas are starting to steal the program. Prices of each type of countertop will differ greatly between thickness, shade as well as material with the average rate for kitchen counter material normally varying between $25 to $100 per square foot. By updating your kitchen and/or restroom countertops, you will include more worth to your house and also might ultimately raise the resale value.

Trending Kitchen counter Surfaces
Possibly the most popular brand-new trend in countertops is quartz. Quartz is a flexible material as it has longevity and also can come in nearly any shade. Recognized for being challenging and also long lasting, quartz is the hottest pattern in countertops today.
Concrete countertops are one more choice that have been gaining in appeal over the past couple of years. While popular in some modern bathroom and kitchen designs, the concrete surface isn’t really recognized for its toughness as it is prone to breaking and also staining, And also, it is additionally very heavy. Nonetheless, with correct sealing, concrete can be warmth and also scratch resistant. Several house owners enjoy the fact that one can customize concrete with the appearance and also form that can be fantastic for the general design.

Granite stays as the prominent selection in countertops, yet isn’t really the best fad this year. While prices as well as shade alternatives range substantially, the hot pattern for granite countertops is relocating towards choice looks through specialty surfaces.


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