DIY Kitchen Faucet Soap Dispenser Installation

This is not hard to do and if you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, you might even find it a good, fun project. You may purchase a faucet soap dispenser from your local hardware or home improvement store or online.
So how do you go about installing a kitchen faucet dispenser on your countertop once you have gotten one? Read on.
1. Do you have a sprayer attachment next to your faucet? If you don’t have one, then there should be a round pop-out cover usually located to your faucet’s right side. If the knife won’t do the job, you’ll need to get under the sink.
2. Take your new soap dispenser. The pump sits on a detachable ring. Detach the pump head from the ring and attach this ring to the hole you’ve exposed when you removed the disk cover. Some designs come with a double sided tape and if yours do so, remove the film or paper covering the sticky tape and position the ring over the hole. You have to make sure that it is properly centered. You may need to use plumber’s putty to make sure that the ring stays in place.
3. Get under the sink again and screw the plastic bottle up into the hole and inside the threaded interior of the ring.
4. When the plastic bottle is securely attached to the ring, use a funnel positioned on top of the ring to pour the plastic bottle with liquid hand soap.
5. There is a long tube attached to the pump head. Place the tub through the center of the ring and let the pump rest on top of the ring. Test your handiwork by pressing on the pump a few times to start the flow of hand soap.

Some kitchen faucet soap dispenser installation notes:
– Buy a dispenser that compliments the color of your sink.
– In case the pump is clogged, soak it in hot water or pump the hot water through it several times to de-clog it.
– You will need to drill a hole for your soap dispenser if there is a sprayer hose next to your faucet. A professional may need to do the drilling if you are not familiar with drilling metal.


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