Great Recycled Glass Kitchen Countertops

Recycled glass would probably not be the first product that comes to mind as being an excellent kitchen counter top choice. Yet in actual reality it is and a very environment-friendly one also. These days there are several fantastic prominent kitchen counter leading alternatives made from rock or synthetic products that are oil based. Petroleum is hardly an environmentally friendly point in any form or type and the quarrying methods made use of to get granite as well as the additional energy it takes to relocate the heavy product from one place to another make it, to a slightly lower degree, a less than lasting structure product too.

None of that holds true of recycled glass. For a start it is, well, recycled. Some lucky bottles, mirrors as well as disposed of window panes are getting a respite from suffering a life sentence in a garbage dump and also being developed into kitchen counter tops that are as strong as stone as well as simply (otherwise even more) lovely to behold. Currently one of the most popular recycled glass kitchen counter leading choice looks a lot like terrazzo marble. These respond to tops are in fact a combination of concrete as well as recycled glass, which is exactly what makes them so really long lasting, or even the concrete is recycled. The glass chips come in every color of the rainbow and all kinds of sizes and shapes plus even the concrete part can be colored different colors.

In terms of cost, recycled glass is more pricey than laminate yet even more cost effective compared to granite or marble. If you are looking for a kitchen counter top that will certainly both stun your next-door neighbors and assist in saving the planet at the same time then recycled glass simply might be the right option for you.


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